Getting Around


Perth is rather similar to Los Angeles; spread out and hard to get around without a car.  Your best bet is to pick up a rental (hire) car from the Airport.

Remember in Australia we drive on the left and measure distances in kilometers. Speed limits are strictly enforced, much more so than in the US,  and the cops will issue tickets even if you’re only a few km/h over the limit. There are (hidden) speed cameras at various locations around the city.

There is also a strict 0.05 alcohol limit with random breath testing (See also the booze bus, it’s not as much fun as you may imagine). Please don’t plan on driving home if you’re drinking at the reception.

Public Transport

There is a train line but it doesn’t run to the airport. The train runs from the CBD area up the main highway north. The closest stop to the venue is Greenwood Station, which is about 5km away. It may be difficult to get a taxi from the station though, I’ve never tried it. There is also a local bus that runs from Greenwood station to Hillarys Marina.

There is a train station (Claremont) 10 minutes walk from the Church.

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I’m not sure how much they are these days, or how easy it is it catch one. Remember you don’t need to tip!. No, there is no Uber / Sidecar / Lyft in Perth.