From the Bay Area to Australia

As far as I know, United is the only airline with direct SFO to SYD flights. Virgin Australia and Qantas* fly out of  LAX. Flights tend to leave in the late evening and arrive into Sydney in the early morning after crossing the international date line. SYD to PER flights depart every few hours. Flight time is a short 5 hours so all up you arrive in Perth around lunch time, 2 days after you left SF.


Suggested route is SFO -> LAX -> SYD -> PER.  Typically you leave SFO around 6pm and get a 11pm flight out of LAX. Qantas uses either 747s or the A380 depending on the day. You can sometimes go via BNE or MEL instead of SYD. The total time doesn’t vary much.

Virgin Australia

Similar to Qantas but uses 777ERs. Can connect via Sydney or Melbourne (slightly longer). You earn points on Virgin America, but probably not as many as you’d expect.


Daily flights from SFO to SYD (15hrs) using 747s.


New Zealand

You can also fly via Auckland although I’ve never done it. Air New Zealand usually have some good sales on.

Hong Kong

Ends up being longer overall (30hrs)